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Kevin Kelly
The Twins Tim and Kyle both 18 Had not only come out to each other but
with their handsome Blonde Dad enjoyed oral sex for the first time in a
threesome. A Year long Pacific Island stay was coming up for the Kelly
Family. As the night dragged on Dad was able to pull up pictures of the
ship that would be our home for the year. Not bad looking at all with
as Dad promised all Creature comforts possible. The Ship was permanently
moored over the reef to be the subject of Our stay. A mile and a half
from the island. Small power boats would take Us into the Island for
excursions most just fun trips as the Island was completely uninhabited.
The ship was a converted navy Mine sweeper which in service held a crew
of 60 Sailors. Now all that bunk and living space was taken up with
Oceanographic equipment. Our quarters were converted from the Captains
and Officer's Quarters. The whole area broken through to form a large
apartment. Up from remained the ole steering Bridge and its wrap around
windows the focal point now of the large Lounge area. This area had a
full wet bar with a mirrored back bar. The bar could seat 15 men. The
were Two large Screen TV's in the lounge and no less then three computers
for Our personal use. conversation centers of tables and chairs spread
about. Then the dinning room and the large eat in Kitchen. After was one
large Bath room with three stalls and three shower heads. down a
tight passage way past the food storage rooms was the three cabins. One
on each side of the hall was for Tim and Kyle, He hall ended at the
Oceanographer's cabin. That was to be Dad's cabin as he held that
position. His room had its own full bath and a rather large office area
with its whole wall of computers to do his study. Dad assured us This
cabin would be for the three of Us.
Every other inch of the ship was taken up with equipment. There were
four massive generators under water line that kept the ship in power.
There was a complete lab for Dad to examine sample's We'd gather from the
reef. Every two weeks choppers would land on the rear deck and Sailors
would see to the Generators and re supplying the food and drink. they
also even did the heavy cleaning of the ship and any minor repairs
needed. We had spent a full two weeks at a navy base learning the fine
points of what life would be on the ship. How to do every day things like
regulate the lighting systems on the ship. Operate the diving equipment.
Switch if need be from one set of Generators to the other. The Navy left
no stone unturned. We were given courses in cooking and even in mixing
drinks. First Aid was given in great detail. We spent two days and had
lots of Fun learning to operate the small power boats that would take Us
on the Island. at all times the three of us were to have cell phones on
us or close at hand just incase. Once daily Tim or Kyle would suit up
and go to down on the reef and take samples for Dad to work on in the
lab. Reports from Dad were to be filed daily. There also was on the reef
an early warning system that would go off should an earth quake happen
with in 600 miles of the ship. this would be relayed by us to
Headquarters at once.
The day arrived. The three of us were transported from the Mother
ship to Our ship. " The " Reef Star" She looked so grand as we got closer
and closer to her. At last we were on board. There were a good 20 small
ships around The Reef Star, a full compliment of Sailors on board doing
all sorts of cleaning and minor repairs. We were introduced
to the Three men leaving the Year tour. I was surprised that the Lead man
the Oceanographer appeared to lolita girls sex pics me no more then in his late 20's Tanned and
handsome with short curly black hair. His two aides were very young and
equally hot looking and built. I couldn't resist asking how they kept in
such good shape on board? They told Us what the Navy had neglected to
mention a full 70 foot Gym down in the lower best pure lola toplist decks. complete with showers
and all the equipment You could dream of. All the walls mirrored. They
had a regular twice a day work out They proudly informed us.
Then all too soon We three were alone. The ship felt suddenly so
quite not a sound being heard on what had been so busy just seconds ago
as we three watched the last small boat shove off.Dad said as we stood young lol girls porn at the rail looking now towards the Island side of
the ship. " Well its now 2 PM we have no diving planned until 9 AM in
the morning. What say we just mix up a few drinks and tour our new
Kingdom?Timmy laughed. " Good idea Dad, Real good idea."Kyle was incredibly tuned on by the show of Man flesh he'd been looking
at all week, The Sailors, On the Mother ship were so hot and young and
hung, But hands off. They had to behave as they were in separate cabins
and needed to keep up appearances for the Navy Guy's. Now in that
afternoon Sun on deck alone with his Dad and Brother other things then a
tour were on his mind.Dad put his arm around His one Twin Son Kyle.
" I think Our Kyle here has more on his mind nudest camp lolita pic then a tour of the ship? All three were dressed in a sort of Uniform they had been given by the
Navy. A short sleeve light blue shirt with darker blue pants. White low
cut sneakers and white socks. Kyle was smiling at his Dad's perception." You got that right Dad. The Drink part sounds good through?Timmy was putting his hands on his belt and undoing it saying." I've got the perfect cocktail for You Bro.'Dad and Kyle looked down as Timmy's blue uniform pants were being pulled
over his slender hips. That hard slightly curved to the left 9 inch cock
of Tummy's making its appearance for the first time on deck. As many
times as Kyle had seen His Brother's cock and sucked and been fucked by
His Brother's cock in the last few weeks it never ceased to turn him on.
It was gorgeous. The firemen's cock helmet dripping some Pre-cum. Timmy
stroking the meat and pointing it at his Twin Brother. Right then and
there Kyle was getting on his knees. The sea Breeze blowing his blonde
tassels about as lolitas 13 yo free
he now took in His Twin Brother's hard thick cock meat.
Hungrily feasting on his first taste of cock meat in two weeks. Like the
first time He was loving the taste of Timmy's manhood like that first
time in the dinning room. Kyle looked over and his 39 year old Blonde Das
was lolitas 13 yo free standing next to him his own cock held out and at the ready to
experience his Son's sucking eating mouth.
Kyle slipped his one hand under his Dad's sweaty bare balls. He always
Loved Dad's big hairy balls Now Kyle had the two cock's in his mouth.
Timmy and Dad's cock heads joining together inside Kyle's mouth. Kyle
holding two sets of big cum filled balls there on the deck. The two men
were kissing each other while bbs japanese lolicon lolita Kyle was running his mouth up and down the
whole length of each of their cock's and taking in turn each set of hairy
bare balls. Two weeks of no cock play had all three men so horny and now
there was pre-cum dripping from all their cock'sDad pulled back and free of the other two. " I am so fucking Horny here
Guy's let do a daisy chain right here on the deck."The two Twins and the Dad were pulling off and throwing their clothes
like they were on fire. Timmy nearly knocked his Twin Brother down on
the deck and had his moist sucking mouth wrapped all around Kyle's 9 inch
man meat, Eating and moaning as he feasted on his Brother's cock meat.
Dad was not about to be left out. He got into position to take Timmy's
leaking meat into his mouth. The Dad no had no reservations about incest
with his boys. He was joyfully eating his son's cock.
Kyle feeding his own cock into Timmy's mouth was now looking at his Dad's
monster 9.5 cock and then once again took the head of Dad's dick into his
mouth. There was only the frantic sounds of Men sucking cock on the deck
now as they released their pent up cum loads one by one into each other's
mouths. Each member of the Kelly family now sat up on the deck naked with
their clothes laying all about them on the deck.Kyle " Holy fuck we all had some really big cum load stored up."No sooner had these words been spoken then They were all shocked nearly
senseless by the sound of a strange voice saying." Wow that was so fucking hot."They turned as they sat on the deck naked and looked in the direction for
the Voice. There in the door way to the Steering house, now Lounge was a
Sailor in work Blue's. A young Boy no more then a teen. Curly lack hair
and baby good looking face. He was holding a pale of water in one hand
and a cleaning sponge in the other. Dad quickly got up and trying to
figure out which of the scattered clothes on the dick were his pay lolita top sites to dress
he came out with." Where in the Hell did you come from Sailor?The Boy was now blushing several shades of red and looked so frightened
that Kyle feared he might pass out. The Boy sailor said." Sir I am with the cleaning crew and was down below decks cleaning the
Gym. Where is everybody?He was looking about for the supply boats, For the choppers for the
others in the Naval party.He fell against the wall of the steering house. His young face now pale
and now sliding down the wall he was saying." OH My God. They left me. They left me here. Oh fuck Am I in a world of
fucking shit. Oh sit I am AWOL. They hang my ass for sure now."They were all dressed in at least their pants now all still bare chested.
Dad walked over to the fallen Sailor. He picked him up and was taking him
into the lounge area trying to reassure the Boy Sailor that Life was
indeed not over.Relax Boy, On this ship I am the Captain and I am not without some pull
with Your Navy Superiors. I'll go to bat for you. We'll make up some
story that will make You look innocent in this. Hell we're not in the
Navy so all they can do to Us is say Bad mistake. It will all work out
Son."Timmy shot behind the bar and poured the Boy Sailor a stiff shot of
whiskey. The Boy choked on the strong drink and was seated now at the
Bar." Oh Thank You Sir. I crazy angels lolita post
am always doing something like this. Always messing
up. Oh Sir if You can go to bat for me I'd be so grateful."Kyle was now putting his arm around the young Sailor and patting his
shoulder trying to reassure him. Timmy was pouring the Kid a cool beer." My Dad can take care of this for You, You young lol girls porn just relax." Kyle was telling
him.Dad was in the office section of the Captains cabin. on the secured
private hook up to the Naval Admiral in charge of the project. The
Admiral was totally pissed off. The Mother ship was already heading to
its next assignment. Orders would have to be cut to turn preteen lolitas south america
it around and
then explain the whole affair to naval Head Quarters. The Captain in
charge of the operation would at the least be given a letter of
reprimand. The Admiral came up with a solution.Listen Mr. Kelly I hope You'll go along with me on lolita pre teen galleries
this one. I'll owe You
big time if You do. I don't want the Captain's career to suffer for this
little mistake. The Man is up for Admiral. So look. You state if asked
that You requested a third assistant I granted Your request and that
Sailor was left on Board. best pure lola toplist You help us here Mr. Kelly and You can count
on my future help anytime."Dad thought a little while as the Admiral stewed on the line. On the one
hand it would save the Captain and the Kid. On the other hand it would
possibly spoil a good set up with his Boys for the year. He decided." Yes Admiral Your solution seems the best alternative in the end. OK so
the Boy stays."The Admiral letting out a breath of relief came back with." You'll not regret little lolitas enanas folladoras
this Mr. Kelly I promise You. The paper work will
come with the next supply group. That Sailor is under Your command. Tell
his to keep his trap shut and I will see he is promoted two ranks in two
month time."In the Lounge at the bar. The Boy Sailor had given his name. Gary
Nickleson 18 years old three months in the navy. He was from North
Carolina. He'd just downed his third beer plus the shot and was feeling
no pain or any fears. He turned to Kyle who was still rubbing his back to
comfort him and said." Did You just say a while ago that That Oceanographer is Your Father?Kyle of course knew the Boys confusion on that matter. He looked
knowingly at Him Brother Timmy and smiled." Yep as You can see We are Twins and that is Our Dad and Our boss for
the year."Timmy always the teaser pouring the Boy-Sailor another beer said.I guess from what You caught Us doing You can see we are a pretty close
Family?Gary the Young stud Sailor went into a knee slapping fit of laughter.
Once regaining his composer he was saying how sorry he was to laugh like
that." But hell Yes sure looked like the three of You are mighty close. I got
to tell You Boys aint nothing much shocks me much. See down where I come
from That sort of thing might never be talked about much but it sure does
go on a whole lot. I can't say if I ever did the likes of that through.
Cause even talking about it would get me kicked out of the Navy and sent
a packing back to the Farm."Kyle smiled at His brother Timmy and they knew that there was an opening.Kyle. " We are not Navy Men so You can trust any secrets lolita pre teen galleries like that with
Us too. Hell You seen we are into it."Gary the Boy Sailor was looking from one twin to the other and thinking
on that one. Just then Dad came into the room still bare chested and
looking awfully calm for what was going on.He was given a Cold beer and then Dad related the whole conversation with
the three Boys. He ended it with." So young man Your assigned to my Command for the next full Year. The
Admiral has promised You two promotions in two Months. I can add to that
and say if You do well while on this ship I'll pull all the strings I can
to see Your given yet another promotion."The Boy looked from each one of the handsome Blonde men who he knew he'd
be spending the next year with on this ship that don't move." I am an E-3 now and with the Admiral's two promotions I'll be an e-5
in two months then an E-6 with Your promotion. Hell normally it would
take like 8 years if ever to make that kind of rank. Hell Yes You have
Yourselves a Sailor Boy. Ah but what exactly will me duties be on this
ship?Dad actually was hugging the Boy and the Boy was not really hugging back
but smiling which the twins took as a good sign.Dad " What kind of a cook are you Sailor?Gary smiled widely saying. " My Grand Mom taught all of us young-ums to
cook soon as we could reach the stove. I make her gravy Her ham and all
her down home cooking. You want a cook you got you the best dam cook ever
North Carolina ever produced."Dad said " now about what You saw My boys and I doing. How do You feel
about that sort of thing going on? I mean to tell You Your will never be
asked or in any way made to do something You don't want to do. I just
want to make sure this the first day of Our year together that We all
know what's what."" Yes Sir and I understand Sir and I see Your point and all Sir. Like I
was tell Your Boys here Sir. Down on the Farms that sort of thing. men
helping each other out like that is done a whole lot but never mentioned
in the light of day. Then too like I was telling Your Boy They tell me
even to talk about it or admit it will mean I get put right on out of the
Navy and them Promotions won't mean a dang then Sir."Timmy came around from the other side of the bar. Kyle was still rubbing
Gary's back and now Timmy joined in with the rubbing.Timmy said smiling at the Boy Sailor." You just make believe this old ship is one big Barn Gary. None of Us
here are going to ever tell what goes on in Our little barn."Kyle let his free hand move onto The Boy Sailors crotch. He was feeling
and touching the Boy's hard county bone in his uniform pants. The boy put
his head back and moaned as now Kyle was pulling down his Navy uniform
pants fly.Write state Your age for legal reasons all answered as
soon as possible. Ideas welcomed. If You'd like a picture of the author
include Your age for legal reasons.
Kevin Kelly
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